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AppFlows is a low-code tool for product managers to create behavior-driven email flows in minutes with a drag & drop automation builder and pre-built recipes.

Low-code, personalized, scalable

AppFlows creates user journeys to supercharge product success

Use Cases

AppFlows is designed to be infinitely scalable and adaptable

User Onboarding

Streamline and customize your user’s onboarding experience within minutes. Triggered emails sent at the right time drastically reduce the time it takes new users to get up to speed and become active.

Churn Reduction

Use AppFlows' re-engagement recipes to bring inactive users back into the fold quickly. Send targeted and automated email flows to those who have canceled or uninstalled your app.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Use email workflows to increase loyalty and customer lifetime value. Automate your account expansion campaigns and retain your customers.

  • User Reactivation
  • Account Expansion
  • Trial conversion


Powerful tools to help you design and launch engaging product campaigns

Drag & Drop Automation Builder

A low-code tool to quickly create email automation flows and drip email campaigns.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Choose from our extensive library of pre-built email templates and change the way users interact with email campaigns.

Pre-built Recipes

Make the most out of our pre-built user journey recipes and construct meaningful communication flows.

Powerful Segmentation Tools

Improve conversions and sales with effective user segmentation. Create highly targeted email flows by targeting a subset of your audience and delivering content that matches their needs and personas.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Understand how your customers interact with your product & email flows and make better decisions to improve conversions. Know which emails are being opened and engaged with and how, and then use that data to improve future campaigns.

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