Frequently asked questions

How is AppFlows different from other automation builders?

It offers the capability of placing and firing an event wherever you like - unlike other automation builders that offer only specific 3rd-party allowed triggers. Infinite scalable flows with behavior trigger events and hundreds of customizable email templates!

Does AppFlows have a free plan?

Yes, AppFlows is free to get started, and pricing is built to scale with your product.

What kind of use cases can I build?

Following are some examples of the use cases that can be built:
Sign up flow
Onboarding Flow
Milestone emails
Upgrade email flow
Churn reduction flows
Win-back inactive users

Can I edit the user journeys as per my requirement?

Yes, our pre-built recipes cover the most often-occurring use cases but you can make any changes to them you want as well as build your own user journeys. 

How can I measure the impact of my email automations?

With access to detailed analytics, measure event frequencies and break them down by user properties. Also, see which automations are working well by measuring the click-through rates for your emails. Optimize campaigns by split-testing different versions to find the perfect one. 

How does AppFlows help the onboarding process?

AppFlows has pre-built recipes to help you construct a user journey as well as allows you to add flows according to your business use case. Using email automation for the onboarding process reduces the chances of users slipping through the cracks before upgrading their plans. 

What kind of data reporting does AppFlows provide?

AppFlows provides detailed reporting on your automations and emails. You can see details like your email open and click rates, and break them down by geographical locations and by devices.

What is the difference between automation builder and email builder

The email template builder is a visual tool for creating rich, engaging email templates. Whereas, An Automation Builder is a way for product owners to automate their product marketing in a productive way.

Can I send cold emails with AppFlows?

No, you cannot send cold emails from AppFlows; neither is that the intended use case for AppFlows.

How can we implement segmentation with AppFlows?

Segmentation can be done on the basis of user properties, one example could be:
segmentation of upgraded and free users based on the user properties that are being fetched.

Can the design of the emails be fully customized?

Yes, the emails can be fully customized. 

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